Hi, I’m Sandra, Life Coach & CEO, WIN365 Group.

I’m here to help you deepen your faith, identify your defining life experiences, work through your hurt feelings and eliminate your toxic thinking.

You can live free of self-hatred, anger, insecurity, bitterness, un-forgiveness, anxiety, fear, pain & trauma. As you are set free of the past and stop your emotional hijacking, you will have more love, happiness & success than you ever imagined. 

My Heart Healers Program delivers transformation. The result? A spirit awakened to the sacred you, your original genius & the wonder of life.

You will discover how to live from a calm mind & a happy heart.


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Sandra Lopez Savard - Quote BG

“Your best self is like an unborn child, with little kicks and prods, reminding you that the world is waiting for you to show up & shine.”

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Healing hearts and transforming lives; training leaders and developing businesses, The WIN 365 Group is the Lopez-Savard-Taylor family business in Vancouver, BC.


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Our family is passionate about changing the world through the Love One Foundation. We have spent the past three decades helping in Canada, India, Ghana and Haiti.

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From virtual wellness retreats and workshops to private Facebook groups, we have many ways for you to connect with our wellness-focused, heart-healing, life-loving community.


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