The Transformation Training equips you to craft  a life, career or business you love.

“Here is a great truth.
A truth I want to get into every part of you…your heart, your soul, your spirit.
You are created to win. You are designed for success.”
Sandra Signature - Sandra Lopez Savard

The Language of Transformation


 wonder: the state of being delighted by the ordinary, the beautiful or the miraculous in oneself and everyday life

intuition: sensing or knowing the right choices to make or path to take and the best solutions to your problems

original genius: the expression of the highest and best use of your innate gifts and talents

sacred you:  your spirit which dwells in your earth suit, or body, and which bears the mark of the divine

e.l.o: whole-person wellness for a long, happy life

enso: honouring your body with self-care, active living, clean eating and regular play

lotus: blossoming from the experiences which once wounded you so you can attain peak emotional well-being.

okinawa: reconnecting with wonder, the sacred you and your original genius 


Choose One Transformation Training Or The complete 12-week Program.

Ready to discover how to have the life and love you really want?

Transformation in these 12 Areas takes you from Wanting to Having.

Rediscover Wonder

More Self-worth

Passion & Purpose

Be A Solutionist

Your Original Genius

Toxic Thinking Reset

A Powerful  Voice

Be Happy

Better Boundaries

Radical Self-Care

Healthy Relationships

Craft Your Life