Meet Sandra – Sandra Lopez Savard

Meet Sandra – Sandra Lopez Savard

Meet Sandra – Sandra Lopez Savard

Hi, I’m Sandra,

Founder of WIN365 TV and ELO Wellness Retreat & Health Spa.

Your Whole Person. Your Whole Life. Made Better.

I’ve spent the past four decades helping people achieve wholeness, happiness and success through my coaching, courses and signature Heart Healers Masterclass. I’d love to help you get to your dreams, so I’ve created the SLS Collective of motivational media and wellness experiences to enhance your journey. 

A little bit about me, my children call me “the incurable optimist” because I see God’s fingerprints everywhere.

I genuinely believe you have unlimited potential, and what you dream of is possible.

I am a Solutionist. I’m convinced every problem has a solution waiting to manifest. This way of seeing the world has helped me increase my net worth tenfold in about seven years.

My experiences are diverse because I am curious, love to learn and get excited about using my gifts to grow a business, a family or a dream and helping you to do the same.

My Passion Projects

love one foundation

Our family is passionate about changing the world through the Love One Foundation. We have spent the past three decades helping those in need in Canada, India, Ghana and Haiti.

mountain trees and luxury cabin

From virtual wellness retreats and workshops to private Facebook groups, we have many ways for you to connect with our wellness-focused, heart-healing, life-loving community.

The Win Group

Healing hearts and transforming lives; training leaders and developing businesses, The Win Group is the Lopez-Savard-Taylor family business and foundation in Vancouver, BC.