Heart Healers is a good fit for you if you:

carry hurts from betrayal, loss, rejection or bullying that affects you and you are ready to be free

come from resentment, anger, control and more and you want to learn a new way to live

have difficult or broken relationships and you want to make them better

are tired of being the “outsider”, “good little girl” or another false self and want to show up as your authentic self

want to feel “good enough” and get over the need for the approval of others

tend to say ” I’m not sure how I feel” and find it hard to connect to your heart but want to get in touch with your feelings

are caught in negative thought patterns and you desire to elevate your thinking

want to show up feeling confident and at peace

are being held back by your personal issues and want to use your gifts to excel

What People Are Saying About Heart Healers

I thought that it was going to give me strategies for working with others.  However, I got a bonus.  I got to do some work on myself.  Thank you.  After doing a B.A., M.Ed. and almost completing a Ph.D. in psychology, nothing, neither practicum nor internship had offered me such scope for introspection and healing. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Alison M. – Psychologist

Sandra, thank you so much for Heart Healers.  It has profoundly changed my life.  The new-found freedom and release have allowed me to begin breaking the bondage of habitual bad decisions, and errors in judgement.  I have now discovered the strength and ambition to fulfill the unrealized dreams that have plagued me, and for the first time, I feel that my life is on track.

Jessica J. – Published Author

My life was not working and I didn’t even know why.  Heart Healers helped me recognize root issues and get free of them.  As a result, I have a great new career, a better marriage and I am a more loving friend, daughter, mother and sister.  I am free to show up as who I am and operate in integrity.  It feels great. I cannot say enough about the course. EVERYONE should take it.  Thank you, Sandra.

Sheila V. – Arbritator

What Will Change For You? Just About Everything.

 The Heart Healers Workshop makes an immediate difference in your life.

It clears your heart of the debris, damaged filters and scars left by pain, betrayal, loss, trauma and more.

It helps you feel, think and act in ways that better serve you and those you love and lead.

You will learn to let go of the past, end self-sabotaging behaviours and be happy and free.

And you can start investing your emotional energy into building a better life and better relationships.


Healing your life wounds is the ultimate act of self-care.


It is your surest path to more love, happiness and success.And your most enduring gift to those you love and lead.

Wounds from your life experiences cause hurt feelings, trauma and fuel toxic thinking that keep you stuck in knee-jerk reactions, unproductive behaviours. and poor choices.

Your small daily choices as much as your big life decisions ultimately set the course of your life.

If you want to live a happier, more productive life start with healing your heart.



Heart Healers is a 12-Week Online
Program that changes how you feel, think and live.

You’ll get more than information.

Heart Healers delivers lasting change and measurable results.


Understand how your life wounds shape your life.



Work through abandonment & neglect.


Forgive & let go of bitterness

Heal the roots of anger and resentment


Heal your Mother  Wound and Father Wound.


 Overcome the effects of control and criticism.


Heal betrayal & rejection

Learn how to deal with current wounds


Heal from your family culture, roles and favouritism.


Stop Self-Sabotage.


Change unhealthy relationship patterns

Rewrite your narrative and create a new beginning