Healing your life wounds is the ultimate act of self-care.

It is your surest path to more love, happiness and success.

And your most enduring gift to those you love and lead.

The Heart Healers Masterclass makes an immediate difference in your life. 

Take a deep breath.

Connect with your feelings.

What does your heart feel like?

Hurt? Lonely? Anxious?

Sad? Uncertain? Fearful?

Overwhelmed? Angry? Lost?

 Afraid? Guilty? Ashamed?

The Language of Healing

wound//: an injury caused by angry or hurtful words, a painful act or trauma in which the heart is hurt or broken.

original wound//: the first experience of a small or great wounding, typically in your early years.

current wound//:  the real-time experience of hurt, trauma, betrayal, rejection, failure or loss.

the false self//: the personality you developed to fit in or be loved that is not your authentic self.

Sandra Lopez Savard - Quote BG

“Your best self is like an unborn child, with little kicks and prods, reminding you that the world is waiting for you to show up & shine.”

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Small, Daily Wins for Lasting Change.

Small, Daily Wins for Lasting Change.